2023-2024. USA/Germany. TeleSymbiosis. Design and Sustainability.
2022. International. Stone & Bits. Art & Science Exploration.
2020. France. Matrice. Artistic Residency.
2019. USA/France. Radical Folding. Programmable Origami & Kirigami.
2019. USA/France. Zero. Hands-on low tech design workshops.
2019. Roscoff, Paris, France. Art / Science Collaboration & Book.
2019. Saint Erme, France. Philosophy & Technology. Workshops & experimental practice.
2018. Stuttgart, Germany. Collective Art Project, Publication & Exhibition.
2016. Paris, France. Opensource platforms for design & know-how.
2014. Villarceaux, France. DataLab: a customizable Fablab for Hadoop/SaaS Data.
2013. Villarceaux, France. CloudPhone, an opensource 5G dumbterminal.
2012. Villarceaux, France. LTE/Mesh Diy Platform.
2012. Cambridge, USA. Radical Atoms. Programmable Matter and Human Computer Interaction.
2010. Cambridge, USA. Conductive wood PCB.
2008. Cambridge, USA/ Paris, France. Creativity Research Tools.
2007. Cambridge, USA / Paris, France. Electronic Textile.
2005. Orsay, France. Orgatronics. Speculative biojects.